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On some aspects of the cybernetic approach to the management of organizational systems
Boltachev Eldar Filaridovich

Adjunct of the Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

125130, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Koptevskaya, 63A, kv. 1402



The object of study is the control system. The subject of the research is solving the problems of managing organizational systems. The author examines in detail such aspects of the topic as existing approaches to solving problems of managing organizational systems, the structure of management systems, their parameters and relationships. Special attention is paid to factors that influence the process of adoption and implementation of the tasks of managing organizational systems. The roles and rules of behavior of the participants of the management system, the conditions of dependence of the results of activities and the actions they take are considered The research methodology is based on system analysis using logical linguistic and mathematical modeling, theory of sets and elements of game theory. The main conclusions of the study are the problem that occurs when the control system of an organizational system of a control object is included in the form of a passive element in the control system. The main contribution of the author to the study of the topic is the selection in the management model of organizational systems of a managed object as an active and autonomous entity. The novelty of the study lies in the implementation of the considered approach to the management of organizational systems on the example of certain aspects of the functioning of the internal affairs bodies.

Keywords: rational behavior, object of management, subject of management, structure, management task, system of management, organizational system, uncertainty, preference, making decisions



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