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Creating a knowledge base about past experience in the synthesis of arm movements of an android robot based on the use of the area of allowed configurations
Pritykin Fedor Nikolaevich

Doctor of Technical Science

Professor, Omsk State Technical University

644050, Russia, Omskaya oblast', g. Omsk, ul. Prospekt Mira, 11, aud. Zv-516
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Nefedov Dmitrii Igorevich

Graduate student, Omsk State Technical University

644050, Russia, Omskaya oblast', g. Omsk, ul. Prospekt Mira, 11
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The subject of research is the intellectual system for controlling the movement of the hand of an android robot in the presence of forbidden zones in the working space. The object of research is the automatic collision detection mechanism of the hand of an android robot, with obstacles at the level of virtual motion simulation. The authors examine in detail such aspects of the topic as determining the conditions of collisions based on the use of the area of allowed configurations and the synthesis of movements excluding the occurrence of dead ends in relation to the movement of the arm of an android robot. Particular attention is paid to the development of an analytical method for specifying the area of allowed configurations in the space of generalized coordinates in the presence of a previously known forbidden zone in the workspace. In this case, the space of generalized coordinates is given by the axes, in the direction of which they lay the angles defining the angular displacements in the rotational kinematic pairs. The research methodology is based on the calculation and analytical task of two-dimensional sections that define the area of allowed configurations. These sections are proposed to be specified using the sets of triangles. A special contribution of the authors to the study of the topic is the development of a generalized method for analytically specifying the area of allowed configurations. The obtained analytical dependences allow you to specify the area of allowed configurations, which is the knowledge base for intelligent control of the movement of the hand mechanism in a previously known external environment. The novelty of the research lies in the use of the area of allowed configurations in the synthesis of the trajectory in the space of generalized coordinates, which allows for the correction of the movement of the android robot arm in order to foresee and eliminate dead ends in the synthesis of movements along the velocity vector.

Keywords: intelligent robots, knowledge base, prohibited zones, the virtual model operation of movements, area of the allowed configurations, space of the generalized coordinates, geometrical analysis, robot traffic control, manipulator mechanism, the generalized coordinates



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