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Museumification of the rooms of Nicholas II in the Winter Palace as a cultural-political project
Onegin Nikolai Sergeevich

Scientific Associate, the sector of the History of Russian Culture, State Hermitage Museum

191181, Russia, g. Saint Petersburg, ul. Dvortsovaya Naberezhnaya, 34


In light of the current attempts to reconstruct the apartments of the Emperor Nicholas II in the Russian palaces with subsequent museumification, it seems relevant to refer to the historical-domestic exposition that existed in the rooms of imperial family in the Winter Palace during the period of 1922-1926 that is the object of research in this article. The subject of study is the factors of cultural, social, and political nature that affected the opening of the museum and its activity in the Winter Palace alongside the State Hermitage Museum and the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia (former Museum of Revolution), as well as subsequent hasty closing of this exposition. Examination of the newly discovered archival materials and their comparison with the memoirs on the topic allowed to more carefully reconsider the specificity of functionality of the “Historical rooms” in Winter Palace, as well as determine the peculiarities of this exposition in the context of evolution of the museology in the 1920’s. As demonstrated in the documents, opening of the museum “The Historical Rooms of Alexander II and Nicholas II” has become possible due to the important factors of political, social, cultural and administrative character, and can be viewed as an agitation project of the Soviet government. In the course of this research, the author determined the causes of the opening of this exposition, describes the administrative issues, peculiarities of the work of museum guides, as well as the factors that led to the closing of the museum in Winter Palace.

Keywords: Sivkov, Troinitskiy, Nicholas II, museumification, State Hermitage museum, State museum of the Revolution, Winter Palace, Shulgin, everyday culture museum, Imperial residence



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