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Promotion of the Road Traffic Safety: Positive Experience of Individual Constituents of the Russian Federation as a Result of the Influence on Human's Mind and Behavior
Kapustina Elena Gennad'evna

PhD in Pedagogy

Associate Professor of the Department of Administrative Law and Administrative Activity of Internal Affairs Authorities at Oryol Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

302027, Russia, Orlovskaya oblast', g. Orel, ul. Ignatova, 2, of. A


The subject of the research is the social relations that may arise in the sphere of road traffic safety and are meant to allow the Road Police to use a variety of preventive measures in order to increase the legal awareness of road users and their behavior and to reduce the number and severity of road accidents. The object of the research is the preventive measures in individual constituents of the Russian Federation. The aim of the research is to carry out an in-depth study of the events and measures in the sphere of road traffic safety in the Russian Federation. The research methods include analysis, synthesis, generalisation, classification, induction, deduction, forecasting, and ascension from the abstract to the concrete. The main conclusion of the research is that graphic and intensive law-enforcement and information distribution will allow to prevent road accidents, reduce their severity and the number of the injured and the deceased. The author offers to improve the agitational influence by applying the following measures: sufficient funding of companies and actions that prevent road accidents, and involvement of the top public officials of the region, district, city, municipal corporation officials, activists of culture, science and education, social associations and business which will help to develop the legal awareness of citizens and their good traffic behavior. 

Keywords: positive experience, the impact of the system, human behavior, forms of preventive measures, information, prevention, preventive control, promotion, road accidents, financing of projects



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