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Modern Education

Educational quest – one of the modern forms of professional orientation work
Chepurin Anatolii Viktorovich

Senior Educator, the department of Socio-Humanitarian Disciplines, Perm State National Research University

618547, Russia, Permskii 618547 krai, g. Solikamsk, ul. Severnaya, 31, kab. 222


This article considers the problem of disagreement in public interests, government order and personal orientations of students in choosing future profession, as well as demonstrates the need for conducting professional orientation work in schools in the new format with participation of employers and organizations of professional education. The subject of this research is the educational quest as a modern form of professional orientation work, which allows uniting efforts of the actors of professional orientation activities and achieve the set of expected results (personal, metadisciplinary, disciplinary) in professional self-determination over a fairly short period of time. The article analyzes the requirements of the relevant normative legal acts, scientific publication on the topic at hand, substantiated the technology of carrying out the educational quest “I’m going to be a laborer…” allows achieving the expected results in professional self-determination of the students in a short period of time: familiarize with the specialties in demand in their place of residence and enrollment requirements; formulate a personal evaluative judgment; continue to getting familiar with the studied profession or change your professional preference; using the suggested algorithm, explore the selected training program or degree. Besides the main disciplinary results, which are effectively achieved in the course of performing the tasks, the participants acknowledge the achievement of metadisciplinary results as well, such as the skill of teamwork, accumulation and processing of information, which are also important, or even instrumental, in further professional and personal self-determination.

Keywords: quest, education, educational technologies, collaboration, web-quest, educational quest, professional orientation, educational standard, self-determination, general education



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