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Crisis situations in the Arab world and the position of China.
Deich Tatiana

Doctor of History

Deych Tatiana Lazarevna, lead research associate of the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

123001, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Spiridonovka, d.30/1
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The object of this research is the threat which comes from conflict and crisis situations in the Arab East. The subject of this research is the position of China on the conflict and crisis situations in countries like Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen. This article's contemporary value is justified by the escalation and the rising of conflict and crisis situations in the Arab East, and the difficulty of their resolution. Until recently the attention of researchers has eluded the Yemen conflict and the policies of China for its resolution. The author used recent data on the position of Beijing in countries like Syria and Iraq. The goal of the article is to evaluate the volume of the threat which conflict and crisis situations represent for the interests of China in this region, as well as the interests of companies and organizations involved in economic projects in the Arab countries. The author conducted an analysis of the newest trends in the foreign polices of Beijing, which, while observing the principle of non-interference into the affairs of other countries, distances itself from armed conflict and supports political methods of conflict resolution. With the principle of historism in the leading role for this research, the methodological basis of this article consists of the comparative-political approach, the methods of analysis and synthesis. In conclusion, the author summarizes that China's goal is to play a more active role in the Arab East, which is largely related to its "one belt-one Way" initiative. While Beijing is determined to maintain the policy of non-interference, it acts more decisively in order to protect the interests of its citizens in the region while augmenting its military potential.

Keywords: Chinese companies, Arab countries, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, USA, China, non-interference, peacemaking



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