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Police and Investigative Activity

The Way of Exortion Commission as an Element of the Criminalistic Feature of Crime
Erdolatov Chynybek Saipidinovich

post-graduate student of the Department of Criminal Procedure at Osh State University

720027, Kirgiziya, respublika Kyrgyzskaya Respublika, g. Bishkek, ul. Kievskaya, 132, of. Kyrgyzskaya Respublika





The article is devoted to the analysis of the methods of extortion including those with the participation of organized criminal groups which are one of the central elements of the forensic characterization of this category of cases. For disclosing the stated topic of the article, the author based on the analysis highlighted three fundamental positions of a number of authors on the notion of the method of committing a crime as a whole, where on the basis of their critical analysis the author’s approach to this is sufficiently debatable, including relatively organized extortion. The results presented in the article are obtained on the basis of the use of such methods of scientific analysis as comparative legal analysis, deduction, induction and synthesis. The author of the article substantiates the fallacy of some positions of individual authors regarding the structure of the method of extortion with the participation of organized criminal groups. The influence of the qualitative characteristics of members of an organized group on the method of extortion is also shown. On the basis of the conducted research, a conclusion was drawn on the peculiarities of the correlation connection between the situation and the way of extortion.

Keywords: forensic characteristics, structure, criminal, professional experience, organized extortion, crime, commission, way, extortion, analysis



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