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The Republican Political Institutions of Christian civilization
Sardaryan Genri

PhD in Politics

Dean, the faculty of Governance and Politics; Docent, the department of Public Administration and Law, Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation 

119454, Russia, Moscow, Prospekt Verdanskogo 76, office #3113





The subject of the study is the civilizational and cultural basis of the development of republican democracy institutions with the principles and mechanisms characteristic for it. The object of the study is political institutions of the modern democratic republican state correlated  with the political culture of Western States that was formed under the influence of various factors, primarily - the Christian civilizational heritage. Finally, it affects the functioning of social institutions which, in their turn, lead to formation of a particular kind of political institutions – the ones that are considered to be the basis of the republican system in the modern world. The author used such methods as dialectical, logical, comparative, system, as well as a number of others. The author comes to the conclusion that the combination of the principles of meritocratic formation of power in the state and its limitations on the part of non-personalized institutions leads to the formation of conditions for economy’s rapid development and exclusion of serious political headwinds, even in conditions of transformation of the political system. However, either of them is a result of the civilizational and cultural process that underlies the functioning of social institutions further developed in the state structures.

Keywords: religion, civilization, political institutions, political culture, Huntington, christianity, subsidiarity, republicanism, separation of powers, meritocracy



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