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Scientific methodological laboratory for personal growth: pedagogical assistance and support
Nevolina Viktoriya Vasil'evna

PhD in Psychology

associate professor at Orenburg State Medical University

460040, Russia, g. Orenburg, ul. Mira, 14A, kv. 18
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The subject of this research is the phenomenon of mystical viewed in context of the history of religion and culture of mankind. Reference to the mystical experience attains special meaning at the current stage of civilizational development – the search for exiting the spiritual crisis. The “mystical” is typified as the “internal religion” opposite to the “external religion” – the religious cult and religious organization. Mysticism, being the inner part of religion, is identified with the most sacred knowledge and human feelings aimed at cognizing the Absolute. Mysticism is a conceptual core of the religious experience and the overall goal of any religious practice. Based on the conducted research, the author concludes that the evolution of religions took a path from magical to mystical. The magical (primal) religions are deprived of mystical beginning. The phenomenon of mystical occurs only within the national and world religions that recognize a human as a carrier of the absolute beginning. The peculiarity of current situation consists in the return to pre-mystical religious representations. The author determines the two types of mystical teachings – the immanent and the transcendent immanent. The importance of mystical religious first and foremost lies in development of the gnoseological abilities of a human, and then in the revolutionary psychological transformations of mind and personality.

Keywords: medical school, pedagogical technologies, motivation, questioning, factor analysis, foresight area, pedagogical support, student, professional self-development, self-development



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