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Improvement of Administrative Legislation on Bringing Legal Guardians of the Under Aged to Administrative Responsibility
Aristov Evgenii Vyacheslavovich

Doctor of Law

Docent, department of Legal Disciplines and Methodology of Law Education, Perm State Humanitarian Pedagogical University

614990, Russia, g. Perm', ul. Bukireva, 15, aud. 80
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Fakhrutdinova Galiya Gabdulvakhapovna

senior lecturer at Perm State Humanitarian Pedagogical University

614000, Russia, Permskii krai, g. Perm', ul. Sibirskaya, 24, aud. 310
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The subject of the research is the legal acts that regulate the basis and procedure of bringing parents or other legal guardians of the under aged to administrative responsibility. The object of the research is the social relations that may arise as a result of establishment or implementation of administrative responsibility for non-performance of сhild-rearing and maintenance responsibilities by parents or other legal guardians. The authors of the article analyze such aspects of the topic as the analysis of legal acts regulating administrative responsibility of parents or other guardians of the under aged. The methodological basis of the research implies the dialectical materialistic method of research and general and special research methods based thereupon such as comparative law, formal law methods, analysis and synthesis. As a result of their analysis of administrative laws that regulate bringing legal guardians of the under aged to administrative resopnsibility, the authors suggest to change the sanction of Part 1 of Article 5.35 of the Administrative Offenses Code of the Russian Federation for repeated violations of law, in particular, to increase the fee or impose an administrative arrest as an alternative punishment. According to the authors, this would allow those who perform preventive measures to be more efficient in their work with dysfunctional families and parents who avoid child rearing and maintenance. In addition, the authors raise the issue about making an amendment to Article 20.22 of the Administrative Offenses Code of the Russian Federation that would regulate the process of bringing parents or legal guardians of the under aged to administrative responsibility if an under aged use tobacco. This amendment to Article 20.22 of the Administrative Offenses Code of the Russian Federation, according to the authors, would enable more efficient preventive measures aimed at both under aged and their legal guardians. 

Keywords: family, administrative responsibility, crime prevention, prevention subjects, parents, legal representatives, administrative offense, juvenile, individual prevention, general prevention



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