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World Bank: assistance to knowledge distribution and technology transfer for the purpose of sustainable development
Shugurov Mark Vladimirovich

Doctor of Philosophy

Professor at the Department of International law of Saratov State Law Academy

410056, Russia, g. Saratov, ul. Vol'skaya, 1, of. 621
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The subject of this research is the activity of World Bank in the area of knowledge distribution and technologies essential for ensuing the transition to sustainable development. The author carefully analyzes the transformation of agenda of the World Bank’s activity due to inclusion of policy objectives stipulated by the Agenda for Sustainable Development for the period until 2030, along with the tasks 17.6-17.8 providing the activation of international cooperation regarding the development and transfer of environmentally friendly technologies. The systemic approach allows demonstrating the assistance to development and transfer of knowledge and technologies as an independent subsystem in terms of the common thematic space of operation of the World Bank. The comparative legal method determined the specificity of the World Bank’s mandate in the area of knowledge distribution and technology transfer in comparison with other international organizations. The dogmatic legal method was applies for examination of the bases of implementation of political commitments on development and transfer of technologies. The author concludes that the assistance of World Bank in development and transfer of technologies for the purpose of sustainable development is realized in two forms: the first one is the distribution of knowledge about the new technologies, as well as the mechanism of their transfer, which contributes to capacity building in the field of technology transfer as a ling of innovative cycle; the second one is the assistance to the world economic development (trade, investments) that creates a favorable climate for distribution of the “sustainable” technologies. The scientific novelty consists in demonstration of the vectors of World Bank’s activity on interlinking the scientific progress and the sustainable development.

Keywords: innovation system, green technologies, technology gap, developing countries, World Bank, sustainable development, knowledge, technology transfer, international cooperation, United Nations



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