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Nicholas Hans and the assessment of Soviet school policy of the Russian pedagogical émigré at the turn of 1920s 1930s
Osovskiy Oleg Efimovich

Doctor of Philology

Professor, the department of Russian and Foreign Literature, N. P. Ogarev's Mordovia State University

430005, Russia, respublika Mordoviya, g. Saransk, ul. Bol'shevistskaya, 68, kab. 503

Kirzhaeva Vera Petrovna

Doctor of Pedagogy

Professor, the department of Russian Language, N. P. Ogarev's Mordovia State University

430005, Russia, respublika Mordoviya, g. Saransk, ul. Bol'shevistskaya, 68, kab. 507



This article reviews the problem of perception and assessment of the process of school building in USSR by the Russian pedagogical émigré at the turn of 1920’s – 1930’s. Having set the goal of creating the Russian foreign school, pedagogues and leaders of the social-pedagogical movement took a close eye on what was happening to the school homeward, assessed it with critical objectivity, highlighting the positive changes and pointing at dangerous tendencies. These issues are the focus of attention in the articles of Sergius Hessen, N. F. Novozhilov, A. L. Bem and N. A. Hans in the émigré pedagogical periodicals. Using the principles of the traditional historical-pedagogical research, approaches of content analysis and case study, the author determine the methodology applied by Nicholas Hans for analyzing the Soviet educational policy and school system. The authors reveal the scholar’s position, according to which the characteristic to the entire history of national school antagonism between radical and autocratic traditions finds its continuation in the Soviet school,  that in turn, allows extrapolating the conclusions based on the development stages of prerevolutionary school towards new situation. N. A. Hans uses similar approach in preparation of works about the Soviet school policy, addressed to the English audience. For the first time the authors introduce into the scientific discourse a number of Russian and English language publications of N. A. Hans, a notable participant of the social-pedagogical process of Russian émigré community, but yet unfamiliar to Russian audience. Nicholas Hans was one of the few Russian émigré, who was able to integrate into the scientific educational space of the Great Britain and became a prominent pedagogue-comparativist.

Keywords: comparative and historical pedagogical studies, school in the USSR, Soviet school policy, pedagogical traditions, emigre pedagogical periodics, pedagogics of Russia Abroad, Russian-European pedagogical contacts, comparative education, Nicholas Hans, Sergius Hessen



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