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International Law

The questions of definition and concept of the general principles of international criminal law
Korableva Svetlana Yur'evna

PhD in Law

Docent, the department of Criminal Legal Disciplines, Moscow State Linguistic University

119034, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Ostozhenka, 38


Based on the comparative analysis of the works of foreign and national authors, this article describes the difference in approaches towards the concept of the “general principles of international criminal law”. Such aspects of the topic as the demarcation of general principles of law and general principles of international law, as well as their correlation directly with the “general principles of international criminal law” are carefully examined. Attention is turned to the thesis that the division of principles into general (characteristic to international law) and sectoral (inherent to international criminal law), let alone, viewing the in reference to each other, is unreasonable. It is proven that the origins of the principles of international criminal law must be searched for not in the principles of international law, but the general principles of law. The author underlines that the common to Russian theory of criminal law rigid division of the principles and general part should be acknowledged not only inapplicable for the international criminal law, but also factitious in its essence. Therefore, this article suggest the landmark definition of the general principles of international criminal law, which to a greater extent corresponds with the regulation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court that the traditional Soviet definition, as well as develops their system.

Keywords: General Part of Criminal Law, International Criminal Court, the Rome Statute, General Principles of International Criminal Law, General Principles of Law, International Criminal Law, Interpretation of Law, non liquet, Theory of Criminal Law, Comparative Law



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