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The Church of the Icon of the Theotokos "Life-Giving Spring" in Tsaritsyno in the First Quarter of the 20th Century
Babich Irina Leonidovna

Doctor of History

Chief Scientific Associate, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences

119334, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Leninskii Prospekt, 32a
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The subject of this article is the history of a church in the Moscow region: the Church of the Icon of the Theotokos of the "Life-giving Spring" in Tsaritsyno in the first half of the 20th century. The article's chronological framework starts from the pre-revolutionary period to the Soviet period in the history of this church. The object of this research is the activity of the church's priest, father Aleksey Fiveysky, the foundations of the financial and economic existence of the church near Moscow on the eve of the events of 1917, as well as the description of the church flock, the reasons for its increase on the eve of the revolution and the increase in the number of request to the church. The article was prepared on the basis of two types of sources: archival materials (from the Central State Archive of Moscow and the family archive kept by the descendants of Fiveysky, as well as the archive of the Leninsky district of the Moscow region (Vidnoye), and oral history materials (an interview with a descendant of father Aleksey - the grandson of his brother, Nikolay Fiveysky, who became a priest in the village of Klobukovo of the Bogorodsky uyezd - Yuri Dmitrievich Fiveysky and his wife Elena Pavlovna.) Archival materials and information obtained during the author's oral surveys were analyzed by the method of historical reconstruction and presented in the article in the form of a historical description. Up to today, the history of this church, which is located on the territory of the famous Catherine Palace in Tsaritsyno, has had no scientific works devoted to the historical period chosen in this article. The study of the church's history prior to and after the October Revolution is of great scientific and practical interest since it shows the spiritual state of Russian society, which committed or supported the Bolshevik uprising.

Keywords: Soviet power, archives, finance, revolution, Fiveisky, orthodoxy, Tsaritsyno, Russia, church, repression



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