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Development and Implementation of the Electronic Training Manual 'Struggle Pain Techniques' as Part of Physical Training Course at a University
Gizatullin Marat Galimyanovich

PhD in Technical Science

associate professor at Ural Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

620057, Russia, Sverdlovskaya oblast', g. Ekaterinburg, ul. Korepina, 66, kab. 30
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Druzhinin Andrey Valeryevich

PhD in Pedagogy

Head of the Department of Physical Training at Ural Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

620057, Russia, Sverdlovskaya oblast', g. Ekaterinburg, ul. Korepina, 66


The authors touch upon the development and application of the electronic training manual “Struggle Pain Techniques” for the academic discipline “Physical Training” at the training sessions and in organizing independent work of students (cadets) at the Ural Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The object of research is the process of professional training of students. The subject of the research is the use of electronic manuals in the process of professional training of students. The authors pay special attention to the development and experience of the use of the electronic manual "Struggle Pain Techniques" for students in the specialties 40.05.01 Legal support of national security and 40.05.02 Law enforcement. Empirical research methods such as comparison and questioning have formed the methodological basis of the research conducted by the authors. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the article describes how the non-standard integration of teaching-methodical materials presented in the form of a specialized program “focused” on the “Physical training” academic discipline that combines : implementation of painful methods of dealing with their detailed review in the form of action algorithms, graphic images, multimedia; list of Internet resources; "Manual on the organization of physical training in the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation." The main conclusion of the research conducted by the authors is that the use of electronic manuals  in classrooms and in organizing independent work of cadets contributes not only to improving the quality of cadets mastering the academic discipline as a whole but also actively stimulates their cognitive activity and personal motivation in studying the academic discipline for acquiring professional competence.

Keywords: subject matter, educational process, educational program, specialty, higher education institution, educational organization, higher education, electronic manual, student, cadet



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