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Drug cartels and system-network war on the example of Latin American region
Strigunov Konstantin Sergeevich


295053, Russia, respublika Krym, g. Simferopol', ul. Babushkina, 17



The object of this research is the Latin American drug cartels. The subject of this research is the use of drug cartels as one of the instrument for dismantling the political regimes in modern system-network war. The author analyzes the structure, capabilities and specificity of drug cartels as the organizations that can manifest as the prime means in deconstruction of the states on the example of hypothetical scenario of external aggression against Venezuela and its political leadership. Special attention in given to cooperation between the American intelligence structures with the drug cartels that can be used for achieving geopolitical goals. In the course of this study the author applies the scientific methods for comprehensive analysis of the structure and capabilities of drug cartels and factors that substantiate their use in modern warfare; as well as conducts a comparative analysis of the data from organizations and Islamist terrorist networks. The work also leans on the most recent research of the phenomenon of wars, national and foreign scientific materials, analytical reports of the official organizations pertaining to drug business and international terrorism. The main conclusion lies in the statement that the drug cartels have necessary features for using them as the main striking force, but the presence of contradictions between them is the key vulnerability in such approach. The author’s special contribution contains the recommendations to the Russian political leadership regarding the necessary countermeasures to the indicated threat if it emerges in the zones of Russia’s strategic interests. The scientific novelty is defined by the fact that this article is first to examine the drug cartels the proxy forces, i.e. the major instrument in modern system-network war.

Keywords: network organizations, proxy forces, cloudy enemy, system-network war, Latin America, drug trafficking, drug cartels, special services, Venezuela, strategies



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