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Pedagogy and education

Web-Seminar as an Instrument that Can Be Used to Organize Teachers' Professional Communication
Gubanova Margarita Ivanovna

Doctor of Pedagogy

Professor of the Department of General and University Pedagogics at Kemerovo State University

650070, Russia, g. Kemerovo, ul. Ul Zauzelkova, 3, of. 320

Davydenko Anastasiya Aleksandrovna

head of the laboratory of scientific and methodological support of schools at the stage of conversion to an effective mode of operation at Kuzbassky Regional Institute for Advanced Training of Educators

650070, Russia, Kemerovskaya oblast', g. Kemerovo, ul. Zauzelkova, 3



The object of the research is the activity of school teaching staff under unfavorable social conditions. The subject of the research is the communication of the teaching staff at schools that have professional communities. In their article the authors update the list of federal and regional strategic documents that emphasize the need to provide the methodological support of activities undertaken by the teaching staff under review. The authors describe opportunities and prospects for the use of web-seminars as part of the methodological support of school teaching activities under unfavorable social conditions. The research is based on theoretical methods such as theoretical analysis of psychological, pedagogical and methodological literature on the topic; review and analysis of documents, regulations and laws related to education; systematization; analysis; empirical methods (interview, survey, questionnaries) and observation. The authors' contribution to the topic is that the research has got the scientific novelty which is the fact that it describes methodological aspects of organisation of web-seminars to extend the borders of the professional community and to exchange experience in solving similar issues that may be faced by the teaching staff. The authors provide particular examples of web-seminars and conclude that a distantly used web-seminar is an efficient and economical instrument to solve professional difficulties and to exchange experience providing that participants actively and independently define general goals, efficient methods and necessary contents of their activities. 

Keywords: activity, co-operation, management, unfavorable social conditions, pedagogical team, methodical support, web-seminar, professionality, quality of education, subject



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