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Philosophical Thought

Social being of personality in the context of socio-historical totality of the performative interpretation
Smirnov Maksim Valer'evich

Post-graduate student, the department of History and Philosophy, Cherepovets State University

162602, Russia, Vologodskaya oblast', g. Cherepovets, Sovetskii prospekt, 10
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The object of this research is the concept of performative interpretation as a discursive-historical hegemony of socio-metaphysical system of thought. The subject is the substantiation of the performative interpretation from the perspective of the principle of totality. The research is structure on the basis of the idea of performative interpretation of M. Foucault, as well as several modern sociological theories of the performative utterance, who assign a central role in formation and perception of social relations, rules and practices to the language. The goal of this article is to signify and adjust the understanding of the subject of research for the social philosophy, its role in the establishment and totalization of comprehension of the social being of personality, and the boundaries of its self-reflection. The study is conducted on the example of socio-philosophical analysis of the meaning of Marxist-Hegelian discourse of continental philosophy – its consideration from the standpoint of the totality of performative interpretation. Using the principle of dialectical complementarity, the author underlines the correlation between the sociological theories oriented towards the feedback, and the dialectical principle of totality. In the course of the research, the author demonstrates the inner contradictions of M. Foucault’s concept of performative interpretation with his epistemological theory; as well as the fact and consequences of neglecting by the theories of peformativity of the Hegelian principle of totality, namely the structural-semiological totality of language of J. Lacan (dimension of the symbolic). It is depicted that personality not only reproduces and follows certain performative act, but remains in the totality of performative interpretation, which reproduces the discourses, ideology and boundaries of their articulation. Application of the principle of totality into the research of social performative utterances will allow establishing the more harmonious feedback with the actants, as well as create the interdisciplinary relations between the idealistic metaphysics and such sociological movements as the actor-network theory and normative sociology.

Keywords: power relations, denotative, discourse, structural-semiological totality, principle of totality, social metaphysics, performative interpretation, ideology, feedback, normative sociology



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