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Philology: scientific researches

The Semantic Field of 'Age' in Contemporary Crimean Tatar Language
Kefileva Alie Rustemovna

lecturer of the Department of Crimean Tatar and Turkish Language Studies at Crimean Universitiy of Engineering and Teaching

295049, Russia, respublika Krym, g. Simferopol', per. Uchebnyi, 8


The linguistic implementation of an axiologically important semantic category of 'age' gives an insight into the current conceptual worldview of a language speaker. The subject of this research is the semantic field of 'age' as an element of the Crimean Tatar national worldview. The object of the research is the one-word and many-word nominations of man's or woman's age that can be found in modern Crimean Tatar - Russian dictionaries of different kinds. The aim of this research is to provide a system description of the semantic field of age in contemporar Crimean Tatar. The main research methods included the continuous sampling method of the linguistic material from lexicographical researches, the method of dictionary identification to describe the units under study, the method of the field description of the linguistic material, and the method of the component analysis. As a result of the research, Kefileva describes the structure of the semantic field of age that has three complex microfields. She also provides an integral description of the semantic field and focuses on the linguocultural interpretation of the concept of age as an element of the linguistic worldview of Crimean Tatar speakers.

Keywords: core of semantic fied, structure of semantic field, linguistic worldview, lexico-semantic grup, lexico-semantic field, the Crimean Tatar language, semantic field, concept, worldview, age



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