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Free Labour and Free Dance: Aesthetical Ideology of Avant-Garde in Charles Olson's Version
Razgulina Liudmila

post-graduate student of the Department of the History of Foreign Literature, Philological Faculty, at Lomonosov Mosco State University

119991, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Leninskie Gory, 1


The subject matter of this article is the first volume of The Maximus Poems (1960) which Charles Olson wrote at The Black Mountain College where he was a teacher and then a rector. Razgulina tries to demonstrate the connection between the nature and directivity of Olson's search the field of poetic form with his efforts to embody in the word, syllable the orders of human sociality. In connection with the interdisciplinary nature of the stated subject, the research approach used in the article is synthetic and combines historical, cultural, poetic, mediological methods of analysis. Charles Olson (1910-1970) is an influential figure of the American poetic neo-avant-garde, practically unknown in Russia and not studied at all. Also, the interaction of the theory and practice of free labor and free dance in the avant-garde works of Charles Olson has not been studied either in Russian or in foreign science. This article is meant to begin to fill these lacunae. In this article, the authors conclude that the aesthetics of writing Olson likens the aesthetics of craftwork and the aesthetics of dance. In the first, it is important for him to feel the natural material as well as the continuity of labor effort, imperceptibly creating history. In the second, it is important to enjoy coordinated movement. Olson is trying to write his experimental epic based on these two premises. According to the authors, Self-Maximus, the epic hero of Charles Olson, has two hypostases: he lives / works in history and he lives / dances in language, in the practice of reflective speech use.

Keywords: projectivism, Maximus Poems, work, dance, Charles Olson, poetry, avant-garde, sociality, Bess Mensendieck, Constance Taylor



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