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Country Houses from the Epoch of Queen Victoria and Their Owners: the Sociological Aspect
Sokolova Mariya Vasil'evna

PhD in Art History

Senior Educator, the department of World History of Art, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

119991, Russia, g. Moscow, Lomonosovskii prospekt, 27, of. 4
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The article addresses one of the most important sociological aspects of studying the topic of Victorian estate architecture: the aspect of the client. The Victorian era was accompanied by a particular boom in the field of suburban construction. The research subject of this article is the social composition of clients of the English country house during the Victorian era, which was very variegated and diverse. The author sets before himself the task of uncovering the most common motives that caused British landowners of this era to start building country houses or to rebuild their family nests. In this article, the author applies the method of art sociology, which is widely used in contemporary art history studies, and which considers the history of art and, in particular, architecture as a reflection of the characteristics of a period's social life. Using the example of British art sources, the author attempts to tie the topics in the history of suburban residential architecture of the 19th century with the social processes taking place in Victorian Britain. They can be most clearly seen, in the author's opinion, in such aspects of examining the historical material as the topic of the client, when not only his wealth but also his various ideological ambitions directly influence the architectural process.

Keywords: English customer, sociological aspects, British household, English country house, Victorian age, English estate, country house building, British architecture, English country house architecture, sociology of art



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