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Police activity

Problems of organizing the interaction between the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and the territorial bodies of the Federal National Guard Troops Service at joint operations
Egoshin Igor' Viktorovich

PhD in Pedagogy

Head of the Department of Tactical and Special Training of the Ural Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

620057, Russia, Sverdlovskaya oblast', g. Ekaterinburg, ul. Korepina, 66, of. 38
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Simakova Liliya Valer'evna

Student at the Ural Juridical Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

620057, Russia, Sverdlovskaya oblast', g. Ekaterinburg, ul. Korepina, 66, of. 39


The research subject is the process of organisation of joint operative actions by territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the structures of the National Guard Troops as the important public institutions. The research object is the organizational issues of interaction between the police officers and the National Guard Troops. The authors study such aspects of the problem as the necessity to create the structures of the National Guard Troops aimed at preventing the internal and external threats on the territory of Russia. Special attention is given to the prevention of the key threats to Russia’s national safety - terrorism and extremism. The research is based on comparative analysis, theoretical consideration and generalization of scientific works and statistical analysis. The authors also use the general scientific dialectical method of cognition implying the study of legal notions and phenomena in their development and interdependence. The authors justify the necessity to create a new security agency - the National Guard Troops Service and organize its interaction with law enforcement bodies of Russia in order to protect the vital interests of the society and the state from criminal infringements. The research novelty consists in the fact that the authors describe the topical aspects of interaction between the National Guard Troops and the bodies of the MIA and the peculiarities of organizing their joint actions aimed at preventing extremist and terrorist activities, coordinating actions at emergency situations, counterterrorism operations and territorial defence with clear distribution of responsibilities of each service and every active officer.

Keywords: operational and service tasks, to ensure public order, interaction, Regardie, terrorism, enforcement authorities, police, the bodies of internal Affairs, public safety, extremism



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