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Means of the Creation and Borrowing of the Jargon in Game Chats
Korol' Elena Vitalievna

PhD in Philology

Associate Professor of the Department of Linguistics and Translation Studies at Surgut State University

628400, Russia, Tyumenskaya oblast', g. Surgut, ul. Lenina, 1
Yacovets Tatiana Yacovlevna

PhD in Pedagogy

Associate Professor of the Department of Linguistics and Translation Studies at Surgut State University

628400, Russia, Tyumenskaya oblast', g. Surgut, ul. Lenina, 1


This article is devoted to a linguistically complex phenomenon of modern life, texts of game chats and jargonic formations used in communication. The authors of the article analyze the main methods of the development of this vocabulary and formation of new units in the course of communication based on the structural and component analysis. The authors describe the means of borrowings of lexemes and collocations from English vocabulary, problems of their assimilation in the Russian language and opportunities of translation of the computer jargon. The subject of the research is jargonisms that are used by Russian-speaking players in the process of communication on game chats. The research involves the units selected by the continuous sampling method from game chats 'Discord' and online dictionaries of game terms, jargonisms and abbreviations. The main research methods is the structural and component analysis of verbal units tkaing into account functional and grammatical aspects. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author applies the standard method of analyzing the structure, sign-oriented and semantic forms to actively developing and constantly changing vocabulary layer, youth game jargon. Based on the results of their analysis, the authors conclude that verbal English elements are actively borrowed and assimilated in the Russian game communication, however, their semantic meanings are not taken into account (and sometimes even modified). This makes their translation difficult. 

Keywords: functioning, language assimilation, transcription, transliteration, model of word-building, borrowings, chats, nomination, computer game, jargon



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