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International Law and International Organizations

The importance of Paris Agreement for climate protection: large-scale plans and problems associated with their implementation
Dubovik Ol'ga Leonidovna

Doctor of Law

Chief Scientific Associate, Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences

119019, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Znamenka, 10



Averina Kristina Nikolaevna

PhD in Law

Docent, the department of State Legal Disciplines, Komi Republican Academy of State Service and Administration

167982, Russia, g. Syktyvkar, ul. Kommunisticheskaya, 11





The concept of climate protection was created upon the initiative of environmental scholars and legal experts of multiple countries, supported by the forward-minded politicians, introduced to public consciousness, implemented in the extensive legislative acts of the international environmental law, by the governments and public associations. The consequences of climate change are evident for the planet. However, the opposition of climate protection refuse to discharge their obligations on reducing the emissions of greenhouse gas and other harmful substance into the atmosphere, which cumulatively lead to the global warming effect, formation of ozone holes and other negative aftermath for the environment and peoples’ health. Besides the analysis of regulations of the Paris Agreements, the authors examine the core international legislative acts that served as a prerequisite for its adoption; explore the mechanism for implementation of Paris Agreement in the decisions passed in the 22nd and 23rd UN Climate Conferences, political views of separate countries, and legal regulation of this question in the Russian legislation. The Russian foreign policy concept stipulates the provision of environmental security and counteraction of climate change through formulation of the scientifically substantiated approaches towards preservation of favorable environment and expansion of cooperation with all countries for meeting the demands of the current and future generations. It is noted that despite the implemented measures on preventing the possible and resolving the already existing environmental-legal conflicts between the states, regions, environmental aspects and businesses that emerge in the area of climate protection, there is a possibility of aggravation of relations between the parties with regards to reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases.  

Keywords: environmental safety, international cooperation, greenhouse gases, climate, global warming, environmental protection, environmental law, The Paris Protocol, emissions, policy



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