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Feeling a Touch of the Universe: the Place of Aesthetics in Gilbert Simondon's Philosophical Strategy
Svirskii Yakov Iosifovich

Doctor of Philosophy

leading researcher at Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences

119421, Russia, Moscow Region, Moscow, str. Obrucheva, 28, bld.1
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The subject of this research is the aesthetic conception of a French philosopher Gilbert Simondon. The author of the article makes the main emphasis on Simondon's genetic hypothesis that describes several stages of how the connection between human and the world developed, in particular, the author focuses on the four stages: magic, technical, religious and aesthetic. Svirskiy pays special attention to the place of aesthetics as an intermediate link in these relations. The author of the article also discusses what Simondon called 'techno-aesthetics'. He demonstrates that techno-aesthetics implies a special type of perceptive intuition that defines the primary selection and distinguishing between acceptable and unacceptable that sets forth intuitive criteria for adoption or refusal from particular technical and artistic solutions as well as the fact that a technical object is not beautiful as itself because it has privileged points (key points) of the world that it represents. The research methodology is based on the reconstruction of Gilbert Simondon's philosophical position that is made in order to demonstrate specific features of his attitude to the aesthetic experience. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the researcher describes the place of the aesthetic attitude to the world or aesthetic thinking in a wider sense of the word as these are represented by the theoretical strategy of a famous French philosopher Gilbert Simondon. The researcher focuses on the 'techno-aesthetics' concept that is supposed to substantiate the emergence of the aesthetic and technical components in all kinds of design-and-engineering and artistic activities.

Keywords: analogy, technical object, fond, figure, transduction, subjectivity, objectivity, key-point, aesthetics, intuition



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