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Pedagogy and education

Consideration of National and Regional Specific Features of Yakutia in the Course of Teaching the 'Human and His Health' Discipline as Part of School Biology Curricula
Lukina Sardaana Anatolievna

Senior Researcher of the Teaching Faculty at Institute for Natural Science, North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU)

677007, Russia, respublika Sakha (yakutiya), g. Yakutsk, ul. Kulakovskogo, 48, kab. 248



The object of the research is the biology teaching and educational process at school. The subject of the research is the development of a valuable attitude of 8th-grade school students. Lukina focuses on the analysis of the biological curricula at Yakutia (Republic of Sakha) schools. She analyzes the experience in the regionalization of education based on the example of teaching biology at Yakutia schools. The results of the analysis of theses and researches on the matter demonstrate that a regional component is insufficiently presented in the biological curricula of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The regional component in teaching biology should include peculiarities related to the mentality, language, traditions, customs, culture and psychophysiological features of the nation. The methodological basis of the research implies a set of psychological, pedagogical, methodological and natural scientific concepts of developing a valuable attitude to a healthy life style, the basic conceptual grounds and the main didactical and methodological principles of teaching school students. The researcher has also used such methods as tests and statistical methods such as using measuring scales and descriptive statistics. The results of analysing the biology curricula demonstrate that Yakutia schools lack certain solutions and methods that would contribute to the development of a valuable attitude to health. Lukina offers her own theoretical model of developing a valuable attitude to a healthy life style in the process of teaching the Human and His Health discipline at Yakutia schools. The researcher conducts an experiment to verify efficiency of her method in developing a valuable attitude to a healthy life style as part of biology teaching. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author develops methodologies and conditions for teaching the Human and His Health discipline for the 8th-grade school students in Yakutia taking into account their regional and ethnic peculiarities. 

Keywords: learning biology, education of Yakutia, regional component, health of value, valuable attitude, standard, biology teaching methods, school education, healthy lifestyle, regionalization



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