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International relations

The Role of E. Primakov in Russia's External Policy Through the Eyes of French Researchers
Trifonova Elizaveta Dmitrievna

senior researcher of the Department of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies at Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

117198, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Miklukho-Maklaya, 10 k.2, kab. 502



The subject of the research is the role of E. Primakov in Russia's external policy as viewed by French researchers. Trifonova analyzes Frency researchers' evaluations of E. Primakov's activity in late 90s and his influence on Russia's foreign policy in general. She focuses on monographs devoted to the newest period of Russia's history as well as researches of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation in late 1990s - early 2000s. The main research methods include historical, narrative, and comparative methods of historical research. The rationale of the research is caused by the fact that for the first time in the academic literature the author analyzes the views of French researchers on the foreign policy of the Russian Federation of late 1990s. Primakov is a famous scientist and politician who held different state positions, headed the Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service and being assigned for the position of the ministry of foreign affairs managed to fundamentally change the direction of external policy of Russia in early 1990s. E. Primakov managed to spin around the focus of Russia's foreign policy towards the East and post-Soviet countries. That was noted by French researchers, most of them believed E. Primakov to be one of the main makers of contemporary Russia's foreign policy. The main conclusion of the research is that E. Primakov's activity made a significant influence on Russia's foreign policy of late 1990s and development of this policy in recent years. 

Keywords: former Soviet republics, CIS, multipolarity, Russian Federation, French researchers, foreign policy, Middle East, NATO, ASEAN, West



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