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Generalife Palace Complex: Peculiarities of Classification, Decoration Solutions and Symbolics
Kosheleva Mariya

post-graduate student of the Department of Foreign Art at St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I. Repin

199034, Russia, g. Saint Petersburg, nab. Universitetskaya, 17


The object of this research is one of the earlist palaces of the Nasrid dynasty in Granada (Generalife) of the late XIIIth - first quarter of the XIVth centuries. The author focuses on the architectural features that would influence the development of a typical 'Nasrid Art' style. The article deals with such issues as classification (private country palace 'munia') as well as the composition and symbols of the palace garden, the planning decision of the palace building and the features of its decoration (in particular, the use of epigraphic ornamentation) on the example of the central space of the complex, the courtyard of the Channel and the adjacent facilities. The research methodology involves an integrated approach including a typological, compositional, artistic, stylistic and semantic analysis of an architectural monument. The importance of the issues raised in the article is determined by the fact that the Generalife ensemble remains poorly understood in the context of the Nasrid palace architecture; the analysis shows the key role of this monument in the history of the development of Spanish-Muslim art. The research materials can serve as a starting point in studying the process of the addition of the Nasrid architectural language, its planning, decorative and symbolic features.

Keywords: munya, Patio de la Acequia, Generalife, Granada, Nasrid art, palace architecture, Islamic garden, Islamic architecture, Islamic art, epigraphical ornament



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