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Academician Tolochko: Science History and National Ideology
Zapesotskii Aleksandr Sergeevich

Doctor of Cultural Studies

Rector, Saint-Petersburg Humanities University of Unions

192238, Russia, g. Saint Petersburg, ul. Fuchika, 15
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The article addresses the main ideas discussed in the book written by Petr Tolochko “Ukraine Between Russia and the West: Historical and Journalistic Essays”. Petr Tolochko is a famous Ukrainian scholar of Medieval history, who made a great contribution to Soviet and world scholarship with his research in the field of Ancient Rus'. The reviewed book is focused on events taking place in modern Ukraine and in Ukrainian historical sciences. The reforms of the latter are based not on historical research, but on the desire to follow national ideology. Petr Tolochko analyzes the political and ideological foundations of this situation and presents refutations of a number of historical interpretations proposed by the new Ukrainian historiography. The scholar raises questions about the unity from the roots of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples in the culture of Ancient Rus', as well as about the proximity of Ukrainian culture to Russian or to Western cultures. For Petr Tolochko, the unity of the source is indisputable, but the solution of the second question is ambiguous. The main danger of the new historical ideology is that Ukraine is put in the position of being a victim of Russia's imperial influence. This contradicts the role that Ukrainian political and cultural figures played in the formation and development of Russian culture and statehood. In addition, as a consequence of this approach, a historical inferiority complex is implanted in Ukrainian self-consciousness. The prospects and hopes of overcoming the crisis processes lie in seeking a dialogue between cultures. The downside of modern Ukrainian ideology is one-sidedness, contrary to the diversity and complexity of its historical development.

Keywords: historical inferiority complex, historical influence, historical development, historical responsibility, Ukrainian political crisis, national ideology, history of Ukraine, history of ancient Russia, historical science, dialogue of cultures



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