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Architectural Remains of the 4th - 2nd Centuries B.C.E. in the Western Section of the "Chaika" Settlement in North-Western Crimea
Popova Elena Aleksandrovna

PhD in History

POPOVA Elena Aleksandrovna – Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Section of Archaeology, History Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University;

History Department of MSU, Lomonosovsky prospekt 27-4, Moscow 119991 Russia;
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The subject of this study is the material from the excavations of the ancient settlement "Chaika", located in the vicinity of Evpatoria (North-Western Crimea). In 2018, archaeologists excavated on the territory of the settlement a section with architectural remains from the 4th - middle of the 2nd centuries B.C.E. The earliest object is a Greek building: an estate courtyard. The walls have openings, three of which are wider than ordinary doorways, designed for carrying large-sized containers, which points to the estate having an agricultural function. In the eastern part, the estate is covered with an adobe structure dating to the end of the Greek period, which was cut by the Late Scythian dugout of the end of the 2nd century B.C.E. In the western part of the site, on top of the layer of sand that covers the ruins of the Greek construction, a fragment of a wall and pavement from the Late Scythian period was unearthed. The author applies the field research method on the ancient settlement "Chaika", which is traditionally used for the excavation of ancient settlements. The examination of the newly identified ceramic material, which has made it possible to date the constructions, was conducted in the field. The author also applied the comparative-typological method of comparing identified objects. The study's research methodology consists of its consideration of new material from the "Chaika" settlement in comparison with the material from excavations of previous years, as well as material from other monuments which are part of the agricultural chora of Chersonesos. The article's novelty lies in the fact that in the western section of the "Chaika" settlement new architectural structures were discovered, which add to our understanding of the structure of the settlements in the Chersonesos chora. The author examines the estate near the warehouse location, where goods were brought before being sent to Chersonesos. The discoveries confirm the fact of dugout residential constructions at the beginning of the Late Scythian period. A fragment of construction in the western part of the site testifies to the significant endurance of the Late Scythian settlement.

Keywords: antique manor, Crimea, Northern Black sea coast, greek building, Chora of Hersonesos, late scythian culture, antique culture, settlement, antique graphity, Hellenistic period



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