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Culture and Art

Philosophy of Space in Modern Polish Anthropological Theatre
Stepanova Polina Mikhailovna

PhD in Art History

Docent, the department of Dramaturgy and Film Studies, Saint Petersburg State University of Film and Television

191002, Russia, g. Saint Petersburg, ul. Pravdy, 13
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Paratheatrical experiences of the 1970s by Jerzy Grotowski boosted the development of anthropological theatre in modern Polish art. Based on the theory and methodological principles of cultural anthropology, in modern theatre studies, there are two equal terms: E. Barba's theoretical theatrical anthropology, which is based on the study of the body of an actor at the time of performance in European and Eastern theatrical forms, and J. Grotowski's practical anthropology, creating ritual actions in order to recreate the pre-theatrical forms of interaction between the actor and the viewer. The research methodology is based on the basic terminology of cultural and theatrical anthropology, a historical approach and comparative analysis are used. The brightest followers of a paratheatrical period of Grotowski work are searching for the new philosophy of space. In paratheatre, Grotowski himself relies on the concept of "memory of the place", creates a process of unity of an actor and a viewer-participant with the help of historical context of the place of action. In The Gardzienice Centre for Theatre Practices V. Staniewski attempts to create a unified place and time of action for the actor and the viewer with the help of reconstruction of the syncretic model of the performer's existence. In Chorea Theatre T. Rodowicz immerses the viewer-participant in the polemic space of discussion after the performance. "Wegajty" Theatre is as close as possible to the syncretic model of the complicity of the performer and viewer-participant through work with the fabric of the religious ritual in the space of the church. The modern Polish anthropological theater tries to prove and implement in practice a new way of participation of the performer and the viewer in the space of a single theatrical and ritual action by recreating the syncretical awareness. 

Keywords: syncretical awareness, viewer-participant, cultural anthropology, “memory of the place”, performer, actor’s skills, ritual space, paratheatrical experiences, anthropological theatre, theatrical anthropology



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