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Genesis: Historical research

Youth radiobroadcasts during the Great Patriotic War (on the example of Bashkir ASSR)
Kryukova Guzel' Mazgarovna

Postgraduate student, the department of Russian History, Historiography and Source Studies, Bashkir State University

450076, Russia, respublika Bashkortostan, g. Ufa, ul. Zaki Validi, 32





This article analyzes the youth radiobroadcasting in the Bashkir ASSR during the Great Patriotic War. The subjects of this research is the analysis of the mechanism of implementation of youth radiobroadcasting in the Bashkir ASSR during the time of war. The goal lies in the attempt to reveal the preparation processes of youth radiobroadcasts and their specificity in the context of Bashkir ASSR in the time of war. Due to severe cut in the issuing of periodicals, radiobroadcasting has become the efficient means for providing information to the public. First releases of the youth radiobroadcasts were characterized by vague delivery of information, with prevalence of mainstream topics, and the rare sociopolitical programs diverged from the political-patriotic vector set by the government. Research methodology is based on the fundamental principles of objectivity and historicism. The newly introduced into the scientific discourse archival materials allowed depicting the principle of arranging the youth radio show during the time of Great Patriotic War. In order to prepare the program, radio correspondents were constantly searching and testing the new communicative models oriented towards the targeted audience. The children who distinguished themselves on the labor front were invited for participation in the radio shows to share their experience with the agemates. Radiobroadcasts of the 1942-1945 catered the interests of the rising generation to a greater degree, as well as corresponded with the trends of labor and political education. The ideological components of radio programs contributed to integration of the underage into the youth organizations. The conclusion is made on reasonableness of implementation of radio propaganda during the period of social disturbances.

Keywords: radio, patriotism, youth, children, broadcasts, Bashkir ASSR, Great Patriotic War, promotion, education, mass media



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