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Conflict Studies / nota bene

Advancement of the Indo-Pacific concept as a mechanism for changing the regional strategic balance: from Haushofer to Trump
Yanik Andrey Aleksandrovich

PhD in Technical Science

Andrey A. Yanik
Leading Researcher, the Institute of Socio-Political Research, the Russian Academy of Sciences

119333, Russia, Gorod federal'nogo znacheniya Moskva, g. Moscow, ul. Fotievoi, 6, korp.1, of. 1
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The subject of this research is the analysis of evolution of representations on the content of Indo-Pacific concept in the official discourse of number of foreign countries – the largest beneficiaries of advancement of the Indo-Pacific idea. The author traces the history of emergence of the term, clarifies the chronological and geographical benchmarks indicating the trajectory of entrance of the Indo-Pacific idea into the information space, as well as notes its conflictogenic risks. The conclusion is made that the actions of the United States on advancing the Indo-Pacific idea alongside cognominal strategy may be assessed as a semantic policy, one of the instruments of a complex set of measures aimed at changing strategic balance in the corresponding region of the world. It is demonstrated that due to different, at times diametrically opposed views of the entities formally constituting the Indo-Pacific region, related to the concept and objectives of this geostrategic and geoeconomic project, the development prospects of Indo-Pacific remain obscure. The author highlights that not only the origins of ideas on the Indo-Pacific as a geostrategic construct, but also the semantic policy methods of Japan and the United States, date back to heritage of Karl Haushofer and the times of the World War II. The author provides development projections of the situation in megaregion.

Keywords: Shinzo Abe, Russia, International Policy, Indo-Pacific Strategy, Indo-Pacific Region, USA, Australia, India, ASEAN, Symbolic Policy
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